East Grand Rapids Home

Marble floors, a curved staircase, and white stucco for miles.


I get to work with the most amazing clients everyday. My job is to help bring their design vision to life to help create a more intentional, expressive space. One of my favorite parts of what I do is how it allows individuals to express themselves in a tangible way.  Even though that's my day to day, it's a different (and exciting) challenge to work on your own home.  I look at it as an opportunity for me to express my own style and personal taste with no limitations.

I fell in love with this 1937 architectural gem in East Grand Rapids. It's an art deco, international style house that hooked me with its marble floors, curved staircase, and white stucco for miles. It's the perfect backdrop for modern art and my collection of furniture from different periods. It is an ongoing, labor of love as I renovate it room by room. Right now,  my focus is the kitchen and bathrooms so my world is extra full of cabinets and finishes.

Stay tuned for more updates!