Hello, My Name Is Christine

Welcome to my little corner of the world.


I love connecting with people so wanted to share a bit about myself...

I attended Centre College and received a Bachelors in Studio Art and Economics. My focus was in the world of art with a focus on painting and sculpture. I was able to work under world renowned glass artist Stephen Rolfe Powell. I continued my education studying architecture Auburn University as well as an overseas program in Strausbourg, France.

Upon completing my degrees, I worked in finance for a regional bank and investment firm but it became clear that my passions were within the creative realm. I worked with Bittners Inc. in an interior design capacity for several years. In 2002 I moved to San Francisco and worked for long established fabric house, Scalamandre and then as an interior designer at Martha Angus Inc. It was during my time in San Francisco that Christine Hughes Interior Design was born. My journey brought me to Chicago where I have been working for my own firm since 2005. I recently moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan but continue to have an office in Chicago and taking on projects from all over the country.

People often ask about my aesthetic and approach to design. I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky so am influenced by my southern upbringing. Beyond that, I use classic sensibilities and modern elements to provide my clients with a unique experience. My background and love to architecture play a pivotal role in the spaces that I create. Through my years in this industry, I have build a far reaching network of art, antique, rug, and furniture dealers to provide my clientele with unparalleled access to resources. 

The scope of my projects vary greatly...each individual that I work with is different but my underlying mission remains: an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. I want to create spaces that embody everything a client knows they love while also exposing them to the unexpected.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm so glad you're here.